Triggertech Rem 700 Diamond Trigger
Triggertech Rem 700 Diamond Trigger

Triggertech Rem 700 Diamond Trigger

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The TriggerTech Diamond Rem 700 Trigger (for cloned actions only) was designed to meet the requirements of leading competitive shooters with the help of the K&M Shooting Team and several leading R700 Clone Action Manufacturers. The Diamond features a pull weight range of less than 4 oz to 32 oz, our new Variable Rate Adjustment Technology and the new Pro Curved trigger lever. Our shooters have described it is the most consistent and crisp breaking trigger they have ever felt. After feeling the crisp break on the Diamond you will immediately become aware of the creep that exists in all other triggers.

Intended Use

Precision Rifle, benchrest, competition, precision shooting, military, law enforcement, long range hunting, F Class, rugged hunting, harsh environments operations, target shooting, ultra long range, varmint hunting.

  • Part Number R70SRB02TNP
  • Right Hand
  • Pro Curved Trigger
  • 4oz-32oz Trigger Pull
  • Single Stage
  • Without Bolt Release