Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions not answered here or on our customer service (ordering, shipping, returns) page? Email or call us during business hours at (704) 696-2756.

Will I get the same lot number on products I order?

While we cannot guarantee that you'll get the same lot number, we do our best with the inventory available.  


What do the abbreviations on the bullet style stand for?

Check out our Quick Reference Sheet (QRS) page our for more details.  

Do we ship internationally?

At this time, unfortunately, no.

Do we ship any other method other than USPS?

Yes, we ship UPS Ground as well. 

Does the new brass come primed?

No, all new brass whether Lapua, Federal, Hornady, etc., will be un-primed. And this is not a service we offer or a product that we carry at this time. 

Do you have any ETA on out of stock items?

Unfortunately, during the current market we are not being given any ETAs on any products. This goes across the board for all products we carry at this time.  


Do you reload ammunition?

No, we do not reload any ammunition here at BCR. We sell reloading components for individuals to reload their own ammunition. We do sell FACTORY ammunition made by most major companies in the world.