Frankford Arsenal Hand Priming Tool #110006

Frankford Arsenal Hand Priming Tool #110006

Frankford Arsenal
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The Frankford Arsenal Perfect Seat Hand Primer will make sure you do not over seat and crush a primer again. It features a dial that adjusts the seating depth .001 at a time with a total adjustment range of .05. Once you have the seating depth set, you can squeeze the handle as hard as you want; with the positive hard stop the primer will never seat deeper than the set depth. The Frankford Arsenal Perfect Seat Hand Primer, designed so you can have the perfect primer seat every time.


    • Tool comes complete with 12 shell holders to cover the most popular cases and the self-righting primer tray holds 100+ primers
    • Works with both small and large primers - case includes 3 extra posts so you can store custom or rare collets in the same place
    • A quick thumb release system allows you to switch from small to large primers easily and a hard stop so you can never over crush a primer

    • Features an adjustable seating system that helps prevent “proud” primers or crushing primers into cases
  • Constructed of a heavy-duty die-cast zinc with steel internal components. The entire system stores in a robust injection molded case