Gunfighter Grease
Gunfighter Grease

Gunfighter Grease

Gunfighter Gun Oil
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Gunfighter Gun Grease is the premium lubrication of choice for your firearm. It protects and lubricates metal-to-metal moving parts, keeping them in optimum condition.

Our grease is long lasting and doesn’t dry up or get clumpy. It’s also a great choice for storage – your weapon will be well protected against wear and tear. 

  • 100% Synthetic All Temperature Grease
  • Operating Temp: -60°F to 325°F
  • Excels At Corrosion Resistance
  • Safe For All Firearms
  • Non-Toxic
  • NLGI#0 weight
  • Will Not Degrade
  • Stays Put
  • Easy Applicator Syringe
  • Removable-Resealable Top
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Synthetic, Non-toxic, All-weather Gun Grease That Stays Where You Put It!