Ballistol Multi-Purpose Cleaner 1.5oz

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Cleaner 1.5oz

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  • The Ballistol Gun Oil is all-natural, non-toxic and does not lose its ability to lubricate even when mixed with water. Cleans black powder residue and is not petro-chemical based, so it will not affect a "seasoned" muzzleloader or black powder cartridge gun.


    • Protects Guns (also dissolves traces of copper, lead, brass and black powder residues)
    • Neutralizes Acids and Acidic Residues
    • Emulsifies with Water for Dilution, yet Holds its Properties
    • Protects Wood, Leather, Plastic and Rubber
    • Use as Marine Lubricant
    • Spray nozzle thread 1-28"
    Made In United States of America
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