Alpha Legacy 6 Creedmoor Reamer .183

Alpha Legacy 6 Creedmoor Reamer .183

Alpha Munitions
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Alpha Munitions Legacy 6mm Creedmoor Reamer .183 Freebore


Legacy reamers are the most consistent reamers available.  All key dimensions on our reamers are guaranteed to be within 4 microns or 0.0001574803” with a majority falling within 2 microns or 0.0000787402”.   This means the reamer you purchase today will be virtually identical to the reamer you purchase in the future, helping to minimize inconsistencies and variabilities in the chambering process.

Stealth Coating Technology

Our proprietary stealth coating technology improves edge retention and incorporates a post coating process to further reduce the coefficient of friction and increase chip flow.

Reamers use pilots for standard tool steel reamers.  Pilots are not included.