Powder & Primers

Welcome, now that we have your attention please read below before contacting us about powder or primers:

  1. We carry the following powders: VihtaVuori, Alliant, Hodgdon, IMR, Winchester, Accurate, & Ramshot.
  2. IF or WHEN primers do become available to us, we carry the following: Remington, CCI, Federal, Winchester, Cheddite, & Nobel Sport. 
  3. We DO NOT carry any black powder. We offer black powder substitutes like Pyrodex(s) or Blackhorn 209. 
  4. We DO NOT SHIP any hazmat items (powder or primers). No matter how much you offer us; money, the blood of a virgin, your first born, your significant other, free labor, nothing you offer will entice us to ship these items illegally. 
  5. The one & only way to purchase powder or primers is in person in our store location. Address listed on the homepage. 
  6. If you are looking for a specific powder, please feel free to email (email for the quickest response) with what you are looking for. Example is: Hodgdon Varget 1lb or 8lb container. **I can tell you now that answer is NO as we do not have any. Keep in mind you must be local to Salisbury, North Carolina-meaning you are physically walking into our store to make the purchase.