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Berger only makes match grade rifle bullets for Varmint, Target, Hunting, and Tactical. When we say “Match Grade” we mean that the highest quality copper and lead available is used in a process focused entirely on consistency rather than speed. The copper is made into the J4 Precision Jacket, which is recognized around the world as having the best concentricity available. Berger makes all of their J4 Precision Jackets and bullets on one set of dies to ensure that all of the bullets in each box are as consistent as possible. Consistency is the key to precision and accuracy and no one makes bullets as consistent from lot to lot and within a given lot as Berger Bullets. It's no rumor that Berger products dominate the competitive rifle disciplines of the Long Range, F-Class, PRS, ELR, NRL, 3-Gun, 2-Gun, and more. We've got a bullet for any scenario! 
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